Merlot - EP

by Whine Moms

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Keaton Miller
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Keaton Miller If you don't like the whine moms then fuck you Favorite track: I Was Born in Miami On the Only Day it Ever Snowed in Miami.
Sierra Szuhaj
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Sierra Szuhaj Whine moms are my favorite boy band Favorite track: I Was Born in Miami On the Only Day it Ever Snowed in Miami.
Maya thumbnail
Maya This is truly some quintessential emo party "Philly music" Favorite track: I Was Born in Miami On the Only Day it Ever Snowed in Miami.
Chris Porter
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Chris Porter The story behind this song breaks my heart and will make anyone who has ever lost contact with a close friend break down and scream, "I don't give a FUCK!" Favorite track: My Dear Friend (Swan Boyz).
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Music by Whine Moms
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Ethan Farmer
Album Art by Vincent Duong


released February 9, 2017

Credits: Ethan Farmer, we love you from the bottom of our hearts! Enzo Ronchi, thanks for letting us use your torso on our cover. Everyone who booked and played with us prior to us having any material released. Talisa and Sierra for contributing to those sick gang vocals!

Additional Thanks: Chris Porter, Drexel Studio D's vending machines (for keeping us well fed and rested), Duckedasfuck, Jordan Lewis, Dakota Demarco, and any one els who has supported us in any way. We love you with all our hearts.



all rights reserved


Whine Moms Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alex Tripodi

Justin Dudzinski, Sean Kelley

Eric Thomas

Vince Duong


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Track Name: I Was Born in Miami On the Only Day it Ever Snowed in Miami
Lock jaw
Never thought
I’d end up here where I am
With her now, hand in hand

Two years
Were unclear
Closer than most but a ghost
Without footing to stand

Right next door
Knock wars were waged between
Ten-o-five and ten-o-four

Souls sore
Feeling poor
Secretly wondering if
We could be something more


Lost some time on the way
Signals sent me astray
Let some time slip way
Far away, far away

Spent some time far away
Heart was trapped in a cage
Let some time slip away
Far away, far away
From me

On track
To be a grad
Thought music fueled artist ways
But it was just a waste

Smoke stack
Feeling whack
Spent three semesters of days
Burning up in a blaze

One day
Heard Jason say
“Looks like you’re making your work
With a passionless haste”

True that
I said back
Now I am doing what I love
And he might be to blame


I want to be someone
Don’t want to be anyone
I want to be someone
Don’t want to be everyone
Track Name: My Dear Friend (Swan Boyz)
My dear friend we have reached an impasse
All these years have blown away so fast
Is there a rewind switch on life
Or will I keep suffering
Success is buffering

Walked right past you on the street the other day
Not one word, not even a glance my way
Hot damn what happened to the good old days
We’ve grown separate
As time has swept me away

I don’t give a
I don’t give a
I don’t give a

We got lost
A ways

To shut me out
You’re only
Hurting yourself

To shut me out
Every time
You’re only hurting yourself
But I’m not blind
You’re building your own coffin
Look at how far you have fallen

Jump back to the first time that we met
Sweet young kids, we had yet to fear death
We collected trading cards before regrets
Best friends to the end
Thick as thieves, but then

Few years later, started to find our ways
Sex, cigarettes, and alcohol took my place
Now we’re barely even Facebook friends
So I guess you never gave
A damn about me anyway

I don’t give a
I don’t give a
I don’t give a

You bring me down
Track Name: Matthew Stafford Is A Quality Quarterback
Stay here
As the summer ends
And honestly
Do you think this was never meant

Lake’s just
Around the bend
So take my hand
We’ll escape after the sunset

I can’t tell if
This is going anywhere